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Game-space Awards 2008

Outgoing, year 2008, in the gaming industry was under the sign of quality. Apparently, publishers and developers are finally did realize that mindless sequels flop as far less attractive from a commercial point of view of the phenomenon, rather than creating new, worthy projects. Or how else to explain the unprecedented number of hits and just good titles, has fallen on our heads over the past twelve months? Grand Theft Auto 4, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead - games of this caliber would be enough and the next five years to come. But the most pleasant in all this - an insight Electronic Arts. The industrial giant, turned off the curve of the track, on which confidently strode past few years and got on really a development path. Starting a new franchise Dead Space, a welcome rethinking line football simulation FIFA, edition of the best cooperative shooter today - I want to believe that the "electronics" will go on to the next year will continue to increase the pace of high-quality production.

For other industry luminaries year was different. Some, like Activision Blizzard and Take Two, took mnogodollarovye baths, and someone like Ubisoft, got to nuts from the journalistic fraternity. But despite that, this year, in terms of games, was a head taller than the previous one. At least, such a number of AAA-production game industry has not seen for all time of its existence.

Best shooter

Customers have chosen: Call of Duty: World at War
Revision chose: Left 4 Dead

It so happens that the branches of palm trees in this prestigious nomination got two completely different games: an absolutely linear, completely zaskriptovannoy, but incredibly spectacular Call of Duty: World at War and unpredictable, frightening, innovation Left 4 Dead. Creation Treyarch - is the quintessence of rail shooters, as well as the latest example of that virtual fun, in terms of entertainment, can be no worse than their counterparts in cinema. Remember dilatory jaw to the floor landing in Normandy, the bloody battles on the streets of Stalingrad - there is much to admire, and Spielberg ( "Saving Private Ryan"), and Jean-Jacques Annaud (Enemy at the Gates ").

Creators from Valve, by contrast, chose the paintings inspired by cult director create their own kinodela. In Left 4 Dead events on the screen controls the virtual operator. It was he who decides where this time the crowd eager to place human flesh zombies, but where - bailout kit. Only in this invention, shows how FPS will appear in the near future, the game can safely issue the Order of Merit for the industry. And it's not taking into account the excellent graphics, coupled with the addictive cooperative gameplay.
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Best shooter

Customers have chosen: Grand Theft Auto 4
Revision chose: Grand Theft Auto 4

Identify worthy representative cohort of third-party action in the current year was a snap - Grand Theft Auto 4 and the other nominees appear in different weight categories. Projects of the GTA series is the best fall under the definition of system sellers, that is, simply, games, for which acquired some of the console. Recall, for PlayStation 2 or its portable sister PSP. Full-fledged fourth part of the criminal epic debuted at two platforms, PS3 and Xbox 360, having saved, thus gamers from the painful choice. With regard to the RS Rockstar did not change his habit and has released a PC version only after an impressive period of time. As it turned out in the end, it was worth it.
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Best RPG

Customers have chosen: Fallout 3
Revision chose: Fallout 3

As with the choice of TPS, the opinions of the readers and editors for this category of games proved to be absolutely identical - in user voting Fallout 3 fourfold bypassed their closest pursuer in the face of Mass Effect. Once again sing the praises of today's best draft Bethesda Softworks made no sense, because on Earth, perhaps, not a single person, the owner of a personal computer or any of the nextgen-platform held by the third part of the cult postapokalipsicheskogo role-playing epic. Enormous world scorched by nuclear war, hundreds of unique characters, hypnotizing landscapes, the gigantic number of side quests, and at times superior to the head storyline, time-tested system SPECIAL - this year no doubt about the best RPG can not be.
Bulletin Game-space

Best realno-vremennaya/poshagovaya Strategy

Customers have chosen: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Revision chose: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

And again a unanimous decision! As if we did not spit in the direction of mediocre graphics and gameplay celled refuse to love Red Alert 3 is not possible. And all because the product of EA Westwood has such exceptional differences, as fighting bears, red banner airships bombers, man-made samurai and tens of minutes of live video, demonstrating a loopy Soviet generals, traveling into the past to kill Einstein, the not very adequacy of the Japanese Emperor, assembled to enslave the entire world. For such overtures game can be forgiven much, if not all.
Bulletin Game-space

Best Sports Game

Customers have chosen: FIFA 09
Revision chose: NBA 2K9

With some certainty we can say that this year at the Electronic Arts still awake conscience. Primarily due to the updated and improved FIFA 09. Until then, a series of football simulators from the "electronics" was a pitiful sight - repeated from year to year blueprint "flaunted" terrible graphics and the primitive gameplay. The current iteration is not very moved forward in visual terms, but significantly added to the gameplay component. Now the game really be baptized simulator, but not pathetic arcade. Recycled management, including the possibility of directing players with a mouse, realistic ball physics, correct miscalculation collision athletes, the influence of weather conditions on the picture of the match - all as adults.

The situation with NBA 2K9 is quite different. In contrast to the "FIFA" series first debuted on the PC, which, however, has not stopped her at once to assume the throne of King of basketball simulators. RMU even decided this year not to release the PC version of NBA Live 09 to avoid a public beating sporting masterpiece 2K Games .
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Best Automobile arcade / simulator

Customers have chosen: Need For Speed: Undercover
Revision chose: Pure

Pure definitely lives up to its name. Thoroughbred arcade noble blood. And although the game got into this nomination with a small stretch (here as a race of four-wheeled buggies are used, not cars), cheated the project Black Rock Studio, we had no right. Breathtaking stunts, furious pace, driving music, modern video series - perhaps these characteristics are enough to recognize Pure avtoarkadoy year.

Need For Speed: Undercover lost much of the inherent series gloss, drowned in a routine to copy itself and bugs. However, the games have not gone away or expensive cars, luxury nor the girl nor the exciting chase from the police, so that the "Need for speed" still takes pride of place in the list of racing products.
Bulletin Game-space

Best Arcade / Logic

Customers have chosen: Kung Fu Panda
Revision chose: World of Goo

By just two (!) Voices dice "arcade of the Year" has Kung Fu Panda - a great example of how to make games based on licenses. The same name cartoon strip that tells the story of an ordinary panda, which became, after a succession of hardships, the great Dragon Warrior, turned out excellent quality. No worse out work and from the pen of Beenox Studios. Bright graphics, varied gameplay, borrowed from the movie humor - a great opportunity to relax after a hard day's work.

World of Goo - logical nugget from 2D Boy. Simply, at first glance, the concept that transcends from Tower of Goo, carries no joke. From a player's total, and you want to build a special structure in which a pipe should get as much as possible representatives of the local fauna, but to break away from this activity extremely difficult.
Bulletin Game-space


Customers have chosen: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Revision chose: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Does anyone doubt it? In recent years the number of users - now without a doubt Mass with a capital letter - RPG has grown to eleven and a half million people. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King made the game change so much that Blizzard can be reproached for anything, but not in the absence of ideas. Phase quests, new abilities and talents, the next shift the balance of classes, a new continent, new battlefield, and much more. Developers generously gave the players so many additional features, which themselves are now trying to sort out the resulting chaos. But it's all little things - bugs will leave with the first patch, but the magnificence of Northrend will not go anywhere. Yes and content updates are coming soon.
Bulletin Game-space

Best Multiplayer

Customers have chosen: Left 4 Dead
Revision chose: Left 4 Dead

At first glance it seems that Left 4 Dead this year was not worthy competitors, but if you look closely at the sides, as the horizon began to emerge the candidate is not a smaller size: the notorious Grand Theft Auto 4 and Call of Duty: World at War can also be boast high-quality, balanced and exciting network mode. Only here with the zombie-shooter they can not afford to compete. The reason is trivial - Valve has made another revolution in the genre. And rightly so.
Bulletin Game-space

Best quest / adventure game

Customers have chosen: Penumbra: Requiem
Revision chose: A Vampyre Story

In determining the winner in the genre of adventure has developed a rather difficult situation. The fact that the year 2008 did not bring truly magnificent specimens kvestostroitelnogo crafts. Yes, it happened a lot of good, good-quality projects, but to reach dies "nashvybora" no one, alas, failed. In light of these developments, the triumph of A Vampyre Story and Penumbra: Requiem looks quite logical. Stories opera singer Mona, bitten bloodthirsty Count, a little not enough to be recognized publicly favorite game. But all the makings of a brainchild of Autumn Moon Entertainment were - here you and qualitative graphing, in the style of masterpieces from LucasArts, and excellent dialogue, and interesting puzzles. A pity that the game was so short. As Penumbra: Requiem, then the final part of the Swedish trilogy turned out much weaker, with advenchurnoy point of view, a product than its predecessor. While playing the brainchild of Frictional Games and all interesting.
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Developer of

Customers have chosen: Rockstar
Revision chose: Rockstar

What have any other options? Rockstar - a chicken, which carries only the golden eggs and is capable of a few days to make its publisher billionaire team, which, without shame, to the guarantees issued by hundreds of millions of dollars for a new project. Do think once developers of DMA Design Limited (now Rockstar North), that their little arcade game, created mainly for the fans making fun of Jews and destroy everything around them, through half a dozen years, becomes an icon, which will be praying and cursing players from competitors?
Bulletin Game-space

Published year

Customers have chosen: Electronic Arts
Revision chose: Electronic Arts

Yes, perhaps this year was not the best for Electronic Arts. Yes, it can not all projects have been as good as promised and as we would like. Yes, it can not all costs were paid back - hence the massive layoffs and the closure of internal studios. But! This year, Electronic Arts, probably the first time in its history has ceased to be so blatant monster, devouring everything in the industry that moves and can bring good income. "Electronics" got rid of the usual snobbery, and while others slowly rot, EA showed a progressive company, forward-looking and never finished, but that does not want to go every year on the same rut conveyor type. Only during the past twelve months, under the sign of EA produced such blockbusters as Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Left 4 Dead, Spore, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Terrible to imagine what would happen next.
Bulletin Game-space

Best video series

Customers have chosen: Grand Theft Auto 4
Revision chose: Crysis Warhead

In last year's fairy Tsevata Yerli about the schedule, which does not pull any existing computer, now can not believe. Humbled by the head of Crytek console suddenly showed a master class of programming crafts and designer thought a miracle - Grand Theft Auto 4. Terminations models and textures, skillful use of shader technology plus the Euphoria animation can call the picture GTA 4 stunning. However dug seamless world demanded to limit the range and quality of the review drawing distant objects. Take Two players just this forced the victim, but for the more expensive edition of truth: Crysis Warhead because of higher levels of linearity and several optimized engine provided the best video series among the games of the year.
Bulletin Game-space

Best Sound / Music

Customers have chosen: Grand Theft Auto 4
Revision chose: Grand Theft Auto 4

There is no alternative to a new creation in озвучки Rockstar was not and it is sad. Different orders of the budgets provided the game advantage over 99% of the releases, but the long-awaited Fallout 3, for example, could and try. Not difficult. Brilliant tracks to the public no one imagined as particularly high quality music-oriented projects. In GTA 4 voice just matches what is happening on the screen and this, strangely enough, quite enough to flunk all competitors. It is nice when everything in the game sounds, as in life, and automatic fire is not imitated by banging kitchen utensils. And, of course, beloved by all the radio not gone anywhere.
Bulletin Game-space

Best Story / Dialogues

Customers have chosen: Grand Theft Auto 4
Revision chose: Mass Effect

Opinions were divided, and this was to be expected. GTA, of course, ruled a ball on the shelves and in the minds of players. But not too warmly received Mass Effect pulled out ahead when it comes to plot part. Connoisseurs seemingly straightforward and straightforward sci-fi dramatically more beautiful by comparison with more simple, though perfectly footage, "a bandit" fighter. Yes and no dialogue would expect from Grand Theft Auto? "Who are you?" I'm your brains knocked out! " - Multiple choice answers? So the story about the "evil robot immediately acquires the depth and volume. Well, all the other contenders remained somewhere deep in the shadow of these two giants.
Bulletin Game-space

The best scenes are

Customers have chosen: Grand Theft Auto 4
Revision chose: Devil May Cry 4

And especially not here to argue about. "Devil" is not too good in the rest of its manifestations, but perfectly directing battles conquer any person to whom a little like a similar mix of martial arts, anime, and gothic style. Unfortunately, to evolve in terms of plot series are not particularly sought, reducing all to a rather banal moralizing about the "good" and "evil", but that is, always looks perfect. No wonder - because the Japanese igrodely managed to create scripted scenes for another 8-bit consoles. Competitions with modern titans igrostroya on the remaining items Devil May Cry could not stand it, but at least one position, he regained his well-deserved.

And what about GTA 4? Whether the game's plot a little more difficult - it may have escaped to in the first place, beating the same insolent in a red cloak, as well as the quality of execution of scripted sequences it is unlikely to lag far behind the brainchild of Capcom. But all spoiled simplicity.
Bulletin Game-space

The most spectacular scripts

Customers have chosen: Call of Duty: World at War
Revision chose: Call of Duty: World at War

Everyone knows: Call of Duty - the game is not about the war. CoD - a game about scripts. We run, stumble on the enemies, someone shoot somebody shoots at us, and in the bushes louder is carefully camouflaged piano. But it is not about the logic of such a construction. As strange as it may look a desire Developer zaskriptovat everything they can, the result looks like an every day better. Joints less undying Krauts - too. And all together - a beautiful film with a mandatory minimum of necessary actions. Honored choice.
Bulletin Game-space

The most bloody game

Customers have chosen: Dead Space
Revision chose: Dead Space

When a special unit of Electronic Arts is set to make "blood", it turns a "very bloody". But how all this unit is not gone mad in the process of development - a question. This is from us, gamers need only scandalized turn away from the monitor, and developers, frame by frame, watched another beheading scene of the hero, thoroughly tested and examined it again, over and over again, and then filmed diaries developers, tenderly telling the story of how landed Isaac Clark, stuck on a space cruiser "Ishimura". Game-space.Ru and visitors turned out in solidarity - "the bloodiest game of 2008-th" was Dead Space. Zero gravity. Zero mercy.
Bulletin Game-space

Best add-on

Customers have chosen: Crysis Warhead
Revision chose: Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead - amazing "supplement". And surprisingly it was not slightly twisted graphics and landscapes freezed sea, and is unusual for Crytek approach to the plot. Brutal commando Nomad, carrying all of democracy was replaced by a clean-shaven on lyso Psycho. In addition little guilt complex, and very different approaches to work. Crysis as if awakened from suspended animation - timidly, slowly, awakened in his emotions. The first and hopefully not the last scene of the series, in which the hero empathize, we have praised in our review, but now summarize: Warhead - the best add-on year 2008. Period.
Bulletin Game-space

Лучшая отечественная игра (включая страны СНГ)

Посетители выбрали: STALKER: Clear Sky
Редакция выбрала: " King's Bounty: Легенда о Рыцаре "

Как бы ни хаяли " Чистое небо " на форумах, в чатах и рецензиях, самый масштабный проект последней пятилетки, родившийся на Украине, занял место в сердцах наших посетителей. Несмотря на общую сырость и даже непроходимость на многих системах, он баловал прекрасной атмосферой и скрупулезно воссозданной архитектурой. Хотя редакция и предпочла для себя игру совершенно другого жанра - King's Bounty . Эта помесь RPG и стратегии была насквозь пропитана атмосферой сказки и героического эпоса, где герой - самый героичный, а злодей - самый злодеистый. Да и к тому же в неё просто интересно играть.
Bulletin Game-space

Разочарование года

Посетители выбрали: Need For Speed: Undercover
Редакция выбрала: Far Cry 2

Разочаровываться в чем-либо всегда больно и неприятно. Особенно, когда это "что-либо" ждешь с особым придыханием. И на Need For Speed: Undercover , и на Far Cry 2 мы возлагали большие надежды. Еще бы! Ubisoft клятвенно обещала возродить из пекла некогда самый красивый и технологичный шутер, прикрутив к нему гигантский игровой мир, абсолютную свободу действия и ультрасовременную графику. На выходе же оказалось, что разработчики сдержали лишь треть своих обещаний, а именно - смастерили действительно продвинутый движок, падкий на реалистичные эффекты огня. В остальном, увы, не срослось. Основная сюжетная линия оказалась хуже сценария в оригинале (хотя, казалось бы, куда уж хуже?), а в тщательно смоделированную африканскую саванну забыли добавить щепотку жизни, отчего мотания по многокилометровым просторам вгоняют в ужасную тоску.

От новой итерации Need For Speed мало кто надеялся получить какую-то революцию. Но то, что получилось в итоге, повергло в шок даже закоренелых фанатов серии. Позавчерашний видеоряд, зажеванный геймплей и вездесущие багги, которых раньше в NFS -проектах отродясь не бывало, поставили жирный крест на Undercover . Халтура чистой воды.
Bulletin Game-space

Лучшая игра для консолей

Посетители выбрали: Gears of War 2
Редакция выбрала: Gears of War 2

Выбирать проект года для игровых платформ в разы труднее, нежели проводить аналогичные действия с РС-тайтлами. Все-таки игр для консолей выходит значительно больше, а потому и число достойных претендентов каждый раз переваливает за десяток: LittleBigPlanet , Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , Fable 2 - каждый из них в любой другой ситуации мог оказаться победителем. Но только не в год дебюта Gears of War 2 . Всемирное поклонение "гирям войны" началось с момента релиза первой части - несмотря на ряд недостатков, ключевым из которых являлось некое однообразие геймплея, игра надолго закрепилась на вершинах всевозможных хит-парадов. Казалось, что сделать лучше уже невозможно. Однако в сиквеле Epic прыгнула выше головы. Сегодня Gears of War 2 , по сути, является лучшим шутером на всех известных науке платформах. И поспорить с этим крайне трудно.
Bulletin Game-space

Самая ожидаемая игра 2009-го года

Посетители выбрали: Diablo 3
Редакция выбрала: Diablo 3

В середине ушедшего года случился взрыв в умах абсолютного большинства геймеров. Взрыв, тщательно организованный флагманом индустрии PC-игр, компанией Blizzard , сумевшей непостижимым образом на протяжении пяти лет скрывать разработку Diablo 3 . Чудесное действие слова "Diablo" на игровую общественность не замедлило проявиться: форумы залило потоком ностальгии, а видео, демонстрирующее играбельные уровни, засматривалось до дыр. Когда первое впечатление схлынуло, осталась только мысль: "Мы срочно хотим в это поиграть!". Хотим вот так же здорово, как в трейлерах, крошить гранит подземелий, пугать монстров яростными криками, превращать в пыль заклинаниями. Как же так, десяток счастливцев на BlizzCon'08 уже пощупал проект, а нам снова ждать "When it's done?" Нет, мы хотим играть в Diablo 3 уже в следующем году и гоним прочь мысли о возможных задержках.
Bulletin Game-space

Игра года

Посетители выбрали: Grand Theft Auto 4
Редакция выбрала: Grand Theft Auto 4

Если у вас всё еще возникают сомнения по поводу лучшей игры 2008-го года - рекомендуем совершить простую процедуру: пробегитесь глазами по статье и сосчитайте количество номинаций, отданных Grand Theft Auto 4 . Все вопросы после этого должны отпасть сами по себе.
Bulletin Game-space


Для Game-space.Ru 2008-й год стал настоящим прорывом. В первую очередь, мы значительно увеличили количество публикуемых статей (примерно, в три раза), а также стали освещать игры, находящиеся в разработке (см. колонку " превью "). Не меньшим по значимости нововведением явилось появление видео-обзоров на страницах сайта. Народная мудрость "лучше один раз увидеть, чем сто раз услышать" оправдала себя в полной мере. Плюс, в конце ноября дебютировал раздел интервью, где будут выкладываться приватные беседы с отечественными и зарубежными разработчиками, - пока он находится в зачаточной стадии, однако пополнение контента ожидается в самое ближайшее время. Для удобства посетителей мы ввели рубрику " Вестник Game-space " - еженедельный дайджест, содержащий подборку самых интересных новинок, появившихся на портале за неделю. Вестник выходит строго по расписанию - каждую субботу. Ну и, конечно, никуда не делись традиционные help-разделы ( коды , трейнеры , прохождения , save-файлы ), содержание которых всегда выручит в трудную геймерскую минуту. Собираемся ли мы останавливаться на достигнутом? Отнюдь. В следующем году, назло финансовому кризису, сайт продолжит расти и развиваться - появятся новые рубрики, возрастет число интересных материалов. Так что мы смотрим в будущее с нескрываемым оптимизмом. Чего и вам советуем.
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