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The term is also known as: "cheats".
The most frequently used word in the lexicon of the modern gamer. Implies broad concept, used in the games in the form of certain commands. In most cases, in order to apply the code to enter a keyword or a special character set, which provides the game programmers at the design stage, to obtain any result - infinite ammo and access to all levels, unlimited lives, limit etc.

Command Prompt.
The term is also known as: "command-line cheat", "property of the label," "the way to the game", "shortcut".
The effect of using the command line is commensurate with the use of cheating (see the "codes"). The difference is that the former often called to activate cheat mode, or to call the "console" (a small debug window where you can type commands). A certain effect is achieved by adding to the executable file of a parameter in a command. For example: - in the original: "c: \ game \ name \ game.exe" - when you add the command: "c: \ game \ name \ game.exe "+ command (the sign [+] conventionally used, there may be other characters). An example of how to add a parameter to the command line: 1. Find the icon launches the game. 2. Click on it, right-click to display a shortcut menu. 3. Select "Properties." 4. In the "Object" you will see a path to the game, for example, "C: \ GAME \ NAME \ GAME.EXE" 5. Add to the end of the option, for example, that turned out: "C: \ GAME \ NAME \ GAME.EXE" + command 6. Click "OK".

The term is also known as: "HELP".
Abbreviation of the English [F] requently [A] sked [Q] uestions. Contains a hierarchical structure in the form of answers to the most frequently asked questions on any topic (game / forum / software).

HEX codes.
The term is also known as: "HEX Cheat".
Like codes affect the game by changing the software codes of the game. In order to successfully use the hex-codes, is vital to have a companion Editor (FAR, UltraEdit, etc.). The algorithm of excavations at the internals of the game code is the following: open the file, go to the playback mode in the form of HEX, for navigating a row and I made a note of its value (before the data manipulation necessarily produced at the light back up modified files).

The term is also known as: "sohranenka", "SAVE" "SAVE Files"
Definition of a special types of files that store data on your past levels, the number of resources, etc. Thus, opening the file, changing the desired value and then in the game by downloading this "sohranenku" we obtain the required results.

The term is also known as: "walkthrough", "solution", "Sol.
The name speaks for itself. In these materials contained full or partial passing game, as a rule, quests, tactical strategies, Action lengthy etc.

The term is also known as: "trainer"
The program runs independently from the main game and runs resident, ie is in the computer memory and waiting for the hot keys for its activation. At the same time trainers alter data in memory, thereby leading us to the desired result - an increase in the number of lives, the number of ammunition etc. Due to the fact that the trainers will monitor keystrokes, some anti-virus programs take them for viruses, so if you believe in source of programs, newly-cool version of "Kaspersky" to advance to disable.
For detailed instructions on using Trainer, as well as download the necessary copies, you can find directly on our web site.

The term is also known as: "saver", "screensaver", "screensaver"
Screen saver Windows, which appears in the case, if the user within a certain time (set in system settings) does not work on your computer. To date, the global network is literally packed with all kinds of screensavers varying degrees of attractiveness. Everything you need for beautification, beautiful computer animated movie - is the sense of taste and some knowledge in the use of search resources.

UGE Module
Not very common type of trainers. Named from the English Universal Game Editor (Universal Game Editor). Detailed look at the home site

UHS File
Not very common type of trainers. Named from the English Universal Hint System (universal system of bypass / hacking). To use it requires a basic program. It can be downloaded from the site

Alcohol 120%
The term is also known as: "alcohol"
The most popular and effective media machine for CD burning and create / emulate images. Program for the forces to make up any laser media, except "of refined" impenetrable at the moment the system of protection StarForce 3.0. The product is distributed exclusively in the shareware-version, running for 30 days for the continued use Alcohol 120% will have to lay out about $ 50. More information about the program can uzant on the official website of the company-developer.
An interesting fact is that, initially, a software market along conquered almost two homologous product - Alcohol 52% and Alcohol 68%. As a result of willful decision makers to merge the two programs has been born today specimen Alcohol 120%.

Almost arhinuzhnaya thing to run a modern pirate copies of games. In fact, the program is an emulator of CD / DVD with the support of many systems of protection. Also served by a wide range of image formats CD / DVD. The product emulates a conventional disk drives and disks with the protection type BACKUPcopies (SafeDisc), Securom and Laserlock. To work correctly, you need an exact copy of the original emulated, which can be done with the help of special "programs-clones" like FantomCD, DiscDump, Blindwrite Suite, Disc Juggler, and CloneCD.
You can acquire the program for this address. However, pump installation file from the Internet is not necessarily: the lion's share of production stalls prudently includes an installation option.

The term is also known as: "no-cd", "SPLM," otuchalka from the disk.
Patch (patch, changing the code exe-file), allowing the absence of the disk to start the games, requiring the obligatory presence of CD / DVD-media in the drive the computer. Will work with licensed copies, at the confluence of piracy may have some problems. Among other things, the use of no-cd frees you from the constant change disks, which in turn, are deprived of numerous abrasions and scratches.

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