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The original name of the game: Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
Released Games 1997
Released the game in Russia 2003
Genre (s) games Quest
Game Developer Revolution Software
Published Games Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Published in Russia MediaHouse
Localizer in Russia MediaHouse
Dating Game official
Dating Game Russian-language
Questions about the game and its discussion Forum
Average rating games visitors 4.6 out of 5
Number of Voters 98 people.
How many people watching this game 2 pers.
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Posted: 03/22/2002, Source: No data
Agree on the terminology applied to everything: the left mouse button - to use (say, look, take, take action) the object (character, object), right - to find out the properties (description) of the object (the object). And yet - talk to all the way, that is, until you will be to talk about.

Scene 1: House of Professor Ubera

First look at the bookcase, then left mouse button shake a backup, located in the lower right side of the cabinet. Cabinet will fall and crush a spider. During the wall, which opened after the fall of the cabinet, you will see the metal bracket. Look at her, and George Stobbart freed from the ropes. It's time to do fire. Lift the bag from the floor Hikol, it would be lipstick, her panties and a note. You can read it by clicking the right button on it in inventory. Lift dart. Open Office, take the tequila, lift spit you chervyak.Otkroyte box at the bottom of the Bureau, you take a small painted pitcher. In the inventory we learn the properties of the pitcher - are going to get the key. Look at the chest near the exit. Use the dart on the chest. Take hold of the cylinder through panties Hiko. Insert the cylinder into a siphon - get a fire extinguisher, directing you to the fire to extinguish the fire. Click the left mouse button on the door and go up the stairs. Take a cutting from the table. In the inventory we learn the properties of the cuttings. You will see your bank statement. Call Andrew Lobine. Agreed with him about the meeting in a cafe get out of the house using the key from inventory on the door (to the left of the screen).

Scene 2: Cafe

Talk to the policeman. Try twice to take the bottle standing next to a gendarme. Speak to a waiter, while he does not bring coffee. Speak with him to stop. Andrew Lobine come. Talk to him to stop. He will. Talk to the gendarme until he jittery and did not close her hands. We quickly pull off his bottle and go to the Gallery Glezen.

Scene 3: Gallery Gliese

Speak to a man with a gray pigtail - is Glezen, the gallery owner. Talk to Lane (another man). Top up to him in a glass, which he holds in his left hand, vodka from the bottle, which you have a policeman in a cafe. He likes this, repeat this operation once. Lane will not be able to stand on his feet, collapses directly to one of the showcases Glezen and break it. Gliese run up to him and opens up a path to boxes that are on the left side of the gallery. Look at the packaging and take the label.

Scene 4: Docks (Part 1)

Go to the shack. Look out the window and talk to the guard. Go down the stairs and catch the hook in the troubled waters. Then use it to empty the water bottle. Climb the stairs up and look at the chimney, from which comes the smoke. Use the bottle on the pipe. Look again at the pipe. You will take the metal cone. Once again, use the bottle on the pipe, it closes the chimney and the guard will run out on the street. Again, go down the ladder and climbed down the hatch shacks. Take a bucket of "happy" and a coal from the table a packet of biscuits, dog joy. " Go down back into the hatch. Use a biscuit on the platform, and the dog get up on it. Use the hook on the platform and ... Goodbye dear dog! Go up the stairs up and look at the fence. You through it perelezete.

Scene 4: Docks (Part 2)

Walk to the left of the screen and climb the ladder up to the roof. Go near to your window. Use the hook on the fan. Get out before the window, go down the stairs and knocks on the door nearest to you. Speak with a bandit (with different variants of the answers you may have to repeat the operation "knock-talk" a few times before as long as he does not tell you that now opens the door). Do not wait until it opens up the door quickly climb to the roof. Bandit will come out of the door and stand on the street. Immediately use the on-roof or a barrel or bracket. Bandit heard a strange sound come to the point you best position. Once again, use the on-roof or a barrel or trigger guard. Cask pit bandit. Yes!!! Descend down and go into the opened door. Read the bulletin board. Open the drawer, you will receive a small key. Try to go to the right chas screen. Talk to Titipoko. You take off his shackles, and he will flee. Hazhmite on the elevator call button.

Scene 4: Docks (Part 3)

Use the closest to your mailbox. Use the switch - turn on the light. During the floor scratches locate and inspect them. Then right before you found out a secret door. Use it. Go into the door and talk to Hiko. Take the fetish (statue) from the floor, use the rope on his hands Hiko and go to the output. Talk with Hiko until it stops. Use a tape taken from the mouth Hiko, photovoltaic arrays, then use the box, standing in rear you. Use the top drawer (with holes and stickers). Use the third and last box. Use a forklift, on which stands the statue - it is a little rise. Use a rope from the inventory at the statue, then use the rope on the statue at the pulley. Use loader - he falls and the statue hangs on a rope. Use the statue. Yes ... he was worth missing. Speak with Hiko ... "Teamwork makes miracles" (c) Output is free! Sign in formed an "open" the door. Use the handcuffs from inventory on the cable. Hemnogo swim in the river - You and Hiko Gallery Glezen, where Andrew sends you Maia artifact - a stone Coyote, the first of three stones, which you must solve together. HEY that it's time to Kuaramont!

Scene 5: Kuaramont (Bazar)

Speak with a group of musicians and a woman in a green sweater - an old friend Pearl (Pearl). Go to the police station and speak with General Grasiento and Renaldo. Look at the map hanging on the wall. Talk again with the general. Exit the station and talk to Hiko. Go right to the truck and talk to Uberom. Talk to Duane, sitting in a truck. Climb the stairs up to the building, which has a sign "QUARAMONTE MINE CO." and talk to Conchita. Again, talk with Duane sitting in a truck. He will tell you about the detonator. Once again, go up the stairs to finish, and talk to her. Go out and talk to Hiko. HEY that's Hiko stole general interview, remained away from the site Renaldo. Talk with him and go out. Talk to Pearl and she goes on tour with Renaldo. Look at the map. Go out and go back to talk to Conchita. Use wardrobe. You will take the detonator. Come and talk to Dwayne. Go to the police station and go another way. You've got to block cameras, one of which sits Miguel. Talk to him. Heozhidanno comes Renaldo and planting you in the next cell. Now you are playing for Hiko. Look at the picture, tiger skin, television, decorative lights and swordfish. Speak with General has not yet come to mama. You - again, George. Try to take a loop from the camera Miguel. Talk to him. He will give you a rope. Use it on the window of your camera. Take the loop and use it on Duane. See the cartoon of your escape.

Scene 6: The House on the branches

Take the vine to the washing machine, which is next to you. Go left and use from the inventory bank statement Ubera on leaves, and kremnivuyu statue of Tezcatlipoca - at the wheel. House owner will be released on the branches - Rev. Hubert. Talk to him. He will ask you to stroke his collar. Use the vine from the inventory to the press and the collar on press.Vozmite standing near the cross and use it to press. Collar is ready. Take it from the press and talk to Hubert. It will take you to the village. Speak with the guard and when the conversation will go on gifts speak with him about the cookies "Canine joy. He would take cookies, goes to the shaman, and returns the empty box. Use the stone coyote from the inventory at the empty box. Speak with the guard on the box. He referred her to the shaman and he wants to talk. Go left and talk to the shaman. He will talk to you about the three stones, one of which you already have, and will root from which will need to make an antidote. Returning to the house on the branches, use 1) a metal cone from the inventory to the press, 2) root on the press, 3) cross on the press. We obtain the antidote. Take hold of the cone and up the stairs.

Scene 7: Parking Ketch

See the theodolite, and rise up the ladder up. Speak with a lady and a cat. Descend down and go right. Talk to the guy (Rio). Talk with a man (Bronson) about theodolite. Come upstairs. Use the stairs and the door. Speak to the Ketch sisters, they are gone. Descend down and talk to Rio. When he asked him to give the bait a worm from the tequila. Wait a bit and still talking to Rio. He pulled out a bike. Wait a little while he will not pull the fish. Talk to him again. You get the fish. Use a bicycle lying next to Rio - get the old camera. Come to the house Ketch. Come on a sliding ladder up. Use the camera on a flagpole. Go down to the ground and use the fish to the camera. Cat suit, and you at this time lift the ball, with which the cat was playing. Reopen on a sliding ladder and use the camera. Down to earth. Use the camera on a tree (near the parasol). Use the ball to the camera. You sobete marker theodolite and Bronson will rise to the top of you, and then up the ladder - a flagpole. Use the stairs. Raise the fallen at Bronson marker and come down - on the beach. Take the theodolite and the plans Bronson, lying under a canopy. Come upstairs. Use Plan Bronce on Ketch sisters. The old ladies graciously open your door to the museum.

Scene 8: The British Museum You once again - Hiko. In the inventory, right-click on the purse, will pair of scissors. Go right and look at the chest. Go left and look at the chest. Speak to the janitor. He will make you a brief tour. Suitable professor Uber. The phone rang, the watchman would go away. Talk to Uberom. He will. Speak with the janitor. Stone lost! Take the key sticking out of the chest. Speak with a janitor, he goes to call the police. Use the key on the dresser, standing near the phone. Use chest. You take the dagger. Take hold of the key. Speak again with a janitor. Go right and look at the curtain. Use the dagger appeared to exit.

Scene 9: House Ketch

You - George. Take hold of the lantern (lamp) and use it on the ink that is on the table. Take hold of the pen from the table, and with "Kuhlmann" - card and use it on the table. Look at the sea chest. Talk to Emily. Look at the portrait hanging on the wall. Again, talk to Emily. Stay home and use the pen on a cat. Lift the pieces of skin. Descend down and talk to Rio. Get sink. Rise up and go home. Talk to Emily and get a cross. Use it to stand for the feathers. Shadow falls on Zombie Island. Go to Rio and talk to him. It will take you to the island. Look at the output of rocks and a boat. Talk to Rio. He will give you a network. Use it on the rock outcrops. You climb the stairs.

Stage 10: Subway Station

You - Hiko. Use the scissors to slit coin vending machine. Take hold of the coin from the slot for delivery. Use the coin on the slot for coins. Take the coin from the slot for delivery and chocolate from the slot. Go right. Look at the signal (traffic light). Use the coin on the scales and get a little card. Use the dagger on the cupboard, and then a little card on the hole. Use the - subway stops and you uedite.

Stage 11: Les

Go to the top exit. Take hold of the cane and walk to the upper right exit. Use the cane to the lair. Come back where you came (at the very beginning). Come out to the lower output. Go to the right - see wild boar. Use the poisoned arrows at the receiver of a cane. Use this weapon on a boar - he runs away. Go to the opened exit. In sharp rocks take vine, it will move away from the rocks. In the inventory use the network to handle, and the resulting construction - on liana. Take hold of the vine with the network and a marker and use it on a sharp rock. Come out to the upper exit. And now the sequence of passes. Correct rule, middle left, lower left, middle right, middle right, middle right. If everything is correct, then you are out on high ground. Use the theodolite to the hole and look into it. Twist Image to the right until you see the brilliant marker (almost at the bottom). Look at him, and then to the cliff straight ahead. Exits the review down. Get down from the platform to the right exit.

Stage 12: Barge

Use a box, standing nearby on your left. When the guard will be next to Pablo, use the stairs - and you're on the roof. When a guard passes by the stairs, use the stairs. There are two options - a security guard to speak with Pablo or not. If you do not speak - use the stairs and rested on top. And if you speak, use cabinet (it opens) and then quickly ladder. A guard will go inside. Use wardrobe (door closes), quickly take this with a mop and use it to cabinet. Everything! The guard is securely locked. Look in the porthole. After the conversation Ubera and Korsak you log into the cabin. Try to speak with Hubert, take this with a stone jaguar, but when you attack Korsak - quickly, use the dagger on Korsak. Yes, you were lucky this time.

Scene 13: Soundtrack

Speak with the Hawks and then the guy standing next to the board (Haiku). Will remove a double and Haiku and Burt (stunt) are exchanged. Speak with the Hawks - he will talk with Bert. Use the bush 2 times. Lift up from the table muffin, pancakes and syrup. In the inventory, use the syrup on pancakes. Talk to Bert and he will eat pancake smeared with syrup. Go to the right of the screen until it stops, then go around the stockade counterclockwise. How do you stop - Use a muffin (cake) on a bush. Take hold of even a roll and once again use it on a bush. Burt will perform a trick and crew will move to the beach. Talk to Hawks. Look at the hand-held camera. Again, talk to Hawks. See the cartoon and stone eagle you have to Korman.

Scene 14: Village Burned

Talk to Titipoko. Try to take the stone Maya left of the big drums. Find properties barrels (right mouse button). Use a barrel. Speak with Titipoko. Once you've upset the barrel take the stone coyote and go to the exit, which indicates Titipoko.

Stage 15: Pyramid (part 1)

Go left, talk to the guards. Take hold of the cylinders with the generator. Use the dagger on the fuel generator. Use cylinders for fuel. Cylinders with the fuel use on the cover of the engine. Look at the portal. Take hold of the rope and use it on Titipoko. After he casts off her top, use it on the motor. Use the button, and then double-lever. Speak with Titipoko. Use the elevator. Speak with Titipoko. HEY that's you and at the top of the pyramid. Take hold of the belt and come downstairs. Take hold of the torch, standing at the foot of the pyramid and use it on Titipoko. He set fire to it. You throw a torch fuel. Use a belt (patrontazh) on fire. The guards at the base of the pyramid will flee, and Pablo will go down. Speak to the General, and then with George. So he is free. Use the first one, then another lever. Talk to George. You sit inside the pyramid.

Stage 16: The Pyramid (part 2)

You using the car Maya. Go to the right. There you will see two sets of plates. The essence of the puzzle is this: take a look at each of four plates from the right group. Pictured on them drawings consist of two superimposed images of the left group. Spinning wheels cars Maya necessary to achieve the immediate vicinity of the two characters depicted in the desired slab from the left group, then use the plate. It's a little fail inside. Repeat this process for the second plate. Use it. She, too little to fail. Then use the right (which is obtained by superposition of two drawings) plate from the right group. It fails inside. Thus the need to drown all four plate right group, then will exit.

Stage 17: The Pyramid (part 3)

Use a torch. Use the torch on Titipoko. Use the lever. And you will fail Titipoko down. Take hold of the torch and use it on another torch (on the right camp). Use the lever and go through the left door. You using the left and then right lever. Go out the door. Use the bottom (closest to the monitor screen) the lever and enter the door. Войдите в образовавшуюся дверь. Используйте рычаг и спускайтесь в направлении "Верной смерти". Смотрите мультфильм и понимайте что это конец игры. Everything.

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