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Computer games have long ceased to be solely for the entertainment of children and adults solvent audience of people quickly and eagerly to join this industry. More than once already in practice it turned out that the game exclusively adult content (violence, explicit scenes, swearing) sold well and are very popular. However, it was impossible to ignore the fact that access to such games can be easily obtained and the children, whose immature psyche adventures of murderers and robbers will not benefit.

In order to protect children from the corrupting influence on their products industry, has introduced a system of "rated", which in Russian can be more accurately defined as "age limit". Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) - American and European offices, issuing gaming products rating definitions. Traditionally, any computer and console game gets the age rating ( "3 +", "17 +", etc.) together with some additional clarifications on the kind of objectionable content includes product.

In this section, Game-space you will find detailed descriptions of all the icons and symbols PEGI, not to be mistaken with a choice of games for your child with the purchase. Every publisher must be placed on the front or back of the drive designation rating firm, assigned to this game. After reading our guide, you will learn how to navigate in this symbolism and to choose the right games for their children.

Note that the "pirates" do not consider it necessary to publish the icons of restrictions on their disks. Game-space strongly recommends using only licensed products from the official Russian publishers (1C Company, Akella, Buka "," New Disc "," Soft Club ") and retailers (" M. Video "," White Wind "," Union ").

Symbols PEGI
On the territory of Europe are the rating designations PEGI. Stay on track - a description and transcript of all relevant at the moment of characters: from the age before being cleared.

From three years
Typically used for very simple games for children. In this category may attend the most conventional of violence in a comic context (like a rabbit Bax or Tom and Jerry), not causing harm to a cartoon character. Sudden sounds, coarse vocabulary, and so it completely. Games of this order are valid for all ages and does not affect the child's psyche.

From seven
Also harmless game, but usually a little more difficult to master. This can be a sports simulator of football or racing arcade. Non some graphic resemblance to reality.

From twelve
Average category, which belong to very many games. Allowed one way or another expressed graphically violent towards fantasy characters (usually not similar to humans) or non-graphical (no visualization of blood and wounds) - recognizable to the people or animals. Allowed light curses nonsexual.

From the age of sixteen
Games in this category may show explicit scenes of violence, profanity, scenes of smoking tobacco or taking drugs, as well as plausible sex scenes.

From the age of eighteen
Only for adults. In this category of games may be held (and usually kept), the otherworldly scenes of cruelty, debauchery, abuse of alcohol and drugs. High quality graphics allows you to display all of this naturalistic and of course up to the call of tangible disgust when monitoring the brutality of the characters. Profanity is not limited in quantity and quality.

In connection with the problem of objectivity during the attribution of a game rating restrictions were introduced eight additional symbols that emphasize certain aspects of the buyer on the content:

The presence of insults and obscene jokes in the dialogues of characters.

For example, the active destruction of the enemies of the hero of a certain culture or nationality.

Images of drugs and for their use of heroes.

Scary moments, the sudden sharp sound oppressive atmosphere.

The presence of gambling, participation in them, the rate of virtual money at stake.

Candid scenes showing sexual relationship heroes. Sometimes it is allowed and control such episodes.

Episodes of atrocities: murder, beatings, death of heroes.

The symbol means that this game allows you to connect via the Internet or local network with other users. Accordingly, if the product contains scenes of violence, the online multi-player also contains brutal fights and killings, but with the participation of real players in the role of the abuser, and the role of victim.

Using our database, you can pre-select a game to buy or order them via the Internet. In the constantly updated list of recent game releases listed age categories. Referring also to profile games in the database, you'll find all assigned to it, clarifying the picture comment.
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