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Released Games February 22, 2011
Genre (s) of the game action
Platforms X360, PC, PS3
Game developers People Can Fly , Epic Games
Game publisher Electronic Arts
Average rating games by visitors 0 (0) of 5
Number of Voters 0 pers.
How many people watching this game 20 people.
December 5, 2010 Sergey Bykov
Feel yourself an artist! Porous lead to the body! Kill the skill and turned the most ordinary shooting in highly artistic production. Guide for the beginner intergalactic geek with hundreds of options for killing any opponents - will be in February next year. Specifically about it - in our video preview.
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December 5, 2010 / Noguro666

Be sure to wait for the game! Thanks for the preview!

December 5, 2010 / batushka112

In fact of course is similar to anreal and pankiler and stylistically to the not yet vyshetshy, RAGE

December 5, 2010 / KOtgamer

I hope to get a great shooter in the spirit of "Serious Sam" and "Duke Nyukema"

December 5, 2010 / KOtgamer

Chord! I further want to see it! Thanks for the review, Muzychka cool! happy.gif

December 5, 2010 / Russianboy / in the bath

Brewing shit! But not usually, and Polish!

December 5, 2010 / KuP9I

It will be impossible to cool, who go against the wood.

December 5, 2010 / Dukys

Excellent preview!

December 5, 2010 / bufford

Fucking mesevo! But the music could have a different set.

December 5, 2010 / Englishman

Excellent preview! Waiting game! Thank you!

December 5, 2010 / Exzest

Epic meat with black humor ... you can buy if the game will be optimized at a decent level.

December 5, 2010 / DOLOTO

Sorry for dibilny question, but whether he would on a PC?

December 5, 2010 / NiTRoGeN

Platform X360, PC, PS3

epic facepalm

December 5, 2010 / fevergore

What beauty !!!.. Yes, plus shooters such plan good hundred years was no more, all at okolovoennuyu subjects. In principle, judging from the preview (excellent by the way, thank you) all the components of the fucking shooter game already has, it remains only to wait for its release.

December 5, 2010 / KOYOET

Brad full!

December 5, 2010 / Fanatman

DOLOTO, Well said what will be on PS3, XBOX360, PC!!!!

December 5, 2010 / BabyskaBatman

Cool din, wait wait wait!

December 5, 2010 / MadMan22

Oooda! Finally megolineyny, superoldskulny and unrealistically powerful shooter!

December 5, 2010 / Wargas

Igruha bomb! Flying man simply can not do boring shooters, proof to Painkiller. Preview of good make, but Sergei somehow strongly chatters.

December 5, 2010 / Fake1

Playing a bomb, and most importantly will be a lot of meat =)))) Thanks SG now I'm pretty sure that'll buy it!

December 5, 2010 / xxxROSxxx

Straight Mast did hev almost O_O
In short zhdems - sorry only will have to defer to 2 tyshi license (

December 5, 2010 / reksar97

Finally MEAT!

December 5, 2010 / Charterboy

Platform X360, PC, PS3
epic facepalm

December 5, 2010 / Tulen1994

Sergey Bykov breaks and annealed Napalm! I ugoral throughout the entire review, but rather to the game - in the saliva of drowning ...
Give Chernukha!! 111

December 5, 2010 / sandoniboy

This is exactly Mast keV. Recalls Dark messian of might and magic.

December 5, 2010 / Sanctum

Nanohlyst I have conquered!

December 5, 2010 / Dude18

About the story even think inappropriately, wet-kick-radovatsa meat smile.gif - People Can Fly fellow prodalzhayut your topic.

December 5, 2010 / elxrus


December 5, 2010 / kaliter

Whinnying sex video. Nanohlyst right for me, black scream love, so that as it is said: MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! URAAAAAA!
Ruby, destroy, scrap, and better in multiplayer!

December 5, 2010 / altair235

Oldschool is back! Hell yeah!

December 5, 2010 / AXEhd

wait wait wait!

December 5, 2010 / DEBiAN

February 2011! At last a long time waiting and Hurray! UTB will sign on any vesch!

December 5, 2010 / Kazak3330

Nostalgia for Duke, Quake, Dumas ... when I saw previews, I had about the same feeling when I was 10 years ago, these games are played. Thanks for the preview, purchase required!

December 5, 2010 / Falled

At the highest level made thumbs, bravo! Just take my hat off to Sergei Bykov, a pleasure to watch and listen.

December 5, 2010 / Shunteg

Oh yeah, baby! Waiting, waiting, waiting!

December 5, 2010 / anti525

Ehh good old Painkiller in a new guise)) looking forward to!

December 5, 2010 / ZloiSlon

As always rejoice Teska. Excellent review.

December 5, 2010 / STARKILLER

Immediately remembered the Borderlands.

December 5, 2010 / elon

It was Serenity )))))

December 5, 2010 / KOCOPE3

And why in-game footage from the "Mission Seriniti?

December 5, 2010 / Hawthorne

Excellent preview and review with you, but an abundance of monstrous metaphors reproduced phonetically difficult is perceived by ear. No poetry after all.

December 5, 2010 / pery

Really good previews and reviews, and texts to him remarkable. Sometimes the screen is sort of like there is no sense - clearly all about the game - but listen to what you tell is interesting. That's even zaregalsya Forum that it would write. You are for me right now on the site instead of Igrozora. Once you write a Igrozor on ... Riley (!?) Vobschem well done - keep it up.

December 5, 2010 / Andz

I wonder if Coop smile.gif

December 5, 2010 / Nicollas

(Remember the voice of Vladimir Valadarski))) Vaaashu mother! Etto just umopomrochitelno! If ye super!

December 5, 2010 / Dracurina

Gosh, finally will be at least something that resembles the atmosphere at Firefly! Waiting, waiting, waiting!
Thanks for the preview!

December 5, 2010 / ALEXANDR95

Mega afigennaya igruha. Explosions, meat, crash - class!

December 5, 2010 / Vergilious

Previews Super. Black humor on top. Particularly liked the moment when the enemy ass on fire.

December 5, 2010 / de666

excellent previews, neighing

December 5, 2010 / stalker111

surely just waiting for a holiday!

December 5, 2010 / Petrushka3010

eantigravitatsionny kick and kick with eantigravitatsionny razgona.Sergey burns!

December 5, 2010 / parus77071

Th read so quickly? I'm drunk do not have time)

December 5, 2010 / faust000wander

eeee I'm a fan Firefly! game on, seek out the series and once again I Play!

December 5, 2010 / unknownhero

um-mm, who else is there?

December 5, 2010 / senya-kattay

Excellent review! Text, image, voice just super. The author of the best. Thank you for the work done.

December 5, 2010 / Tihij

krutaten! look forward

December 5, 2010 / zombuka

A great shooter with elements of sadism, is where fantasy Razgulyai =) good review ...

December 5, 2010 / Tonny18

Super.Spasibo.Igru just waiting for a very long time since such meat is not bylo_))))

December 5, 2010 / Artem14z

Excellent thumbs waiting game

December 5, 2010 / Benjamin

I fucking do not understand what the author says.

December 6, 2010 / Sergey Bykov / Author

Benjamin, [watching with interest] Russian language is not native?

December 6, 2010 / Pe4eNuxa

excellent igruha already like! nintendo and humor in general class)))

December 6, 2010 / OLIFKA

The black streak is necessarily'll play)))) barefoot theme ATP for video preview smile.gif

December 6, 2010 / rabenkralle

People Can Fly at the time created great Painkiller. In the best tradition of Serious Sam and Quake. With zubodrobilnymi battles with epic bosses and a pleasant physics. It was fun all the heresy stake. My favorite weapon was. And it is evident that this time is preparing something big. =)

December 6, 2010 / seiv

Sergei Bykov, forgive me but your reviews or previews do not like. Only too much pathos, toli your voice is not like anything toli interestnogo not. Reviews of other workers in the SG I like, but for some reason, it is not like yours ... = (minus will not, because the work and well done. I hope soon to have your reviews I will like it

December 6, 2010 / Sergey Bykov / Author

seiv, I guess that is personal.

December 6, 2010 / wise1994

The survey does not really ... voice full of bezemotsionalny kakoyto chtoli ... I understand that the text is written in advance, but whether it can have some fun reading, the atoms have the impression that the voice synthesis are full ... and more! that the quality of Game Stop? the high quality picture nasty eerily = ((ispravte problem please

December 6, 2010 / seiv

To: CpY yes here FIGS knows ...... like the top of the preview like it, and then began as something worse .... Nothing personal there! I have it at all know him just because he works for SU.

December 6, 2010 / Sergey Bykov / Author

wise1994, you show tell me exactly how to emotionally?

December 6, 2010 / Sergey Bykov / Author

seiv, which you then inconsistent. That did not like it, then start like - well, and even then it all simple. Looked up the author - Aha - Sergei Bykov [hissed at the monitor]! - And grimly chuckling zhmakni to backspace. Shl That I Sergei Bykov =). No hard feelings - the views are different. But the lack of constructive criticism (the one that - I do not like "that's" because (in detail) ... like this (IMPORTANT>>>) I think) - According to your weight is not added. For what purpose are written in such positions and the expectations as a result of their authors - I have long ago gave up trying to understand. Workers at SG a lot - all the lads. So the choice you have.

December 7, 2010 / hizri

And what about about the story?


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  • Views: 7,630

    Nice shot!

    Very cool demonstration Bulletstorm (just right to show at an exhibition of some). Then there are the dialogues, and the giant dinosaurs, and lots of weapons, and opened ...
    duration: 01:19 min., added: 21/11/2010

    4.7 rating
  • Views: 689

    Interviews (creative Massacre)

    The developers promise us that any murder in Bulletstorm will look quite specific. This is not an application for uniqueness, but a statement of one of ...
    Duration: 3:10 min., added: 17/10/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 364

    Developers play # 2 (TGS 10)

    We continue to roam the ruined building (we were there quite a strange way, but still) ... Trying weapons Thumper and greatly surprised by the enemies ...
    duration: 03:34 min., added: 27/09/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 284

    Developers play # 1 (TGS 10)

    Igrodely from People Can Fly like to boast about their own projects. A similar fate before the release did not pass and Bulletstorm. Four minutes that nachinayuts ...
    duration: 04:24 min., added: 27/09/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 192

    Interview with TGS 10 (history of the space pirate)

    Interesting conversation in which the main character is compared to real pirate (yarrrr!) and additionally told the Arms of the "bazooka ordinary" ...
    duration: 02:34 min., added: 27/09/2010

    0 vote
  • Views: 231

    Comments on Bouncer Cannon

    Bulletstorm also did not immediately become so, what is now being introduced thousands of players worldwide. For example, the idea Bouncer Cannon came entirely from the air ...
    duration: 03:04 min., added: 27/09/2010

    4.5 Assessment
  • Views: 549

    Presentation (GC 10)

    One of those videos, which include very rare footage. Voice-overs are encouraged that the developers of the People Can Fly strongly tried to Hon ...
    duration: 03:27 min., added: 1/9/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 294

    Playing on stage (GC 10)

    Representatives of EA and People Can Fly show various methods of revenge in Bulletstorm. Heroes, enemies, shooting and everything else for what we did was ..
    duration: 06:34 min., added: 08/18/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 264

    Interview with SDCC 10 (best)

    Rick Remender from People Can Fly is defiantly and bravely tells how cool is happening on the screen. We certainly support it, but, uh, it's time to g. ..
    duration: 02:56 min., added: 28/07/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 649

    Plays Cliff Bleszinski (E3 10)

    CliffyB commented on what is happening on the screen, it's worth noting, quite calmly, but with skill. Will focus on the environment (which spaces!) ...
    Duration: 6:10 min., added: 3/7/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 570

    Interview about the game. Part # 2 (E3 10)

    In the second part of the conversation (about 4 full minutes) will tell us more about the mechanics and gameplay. Here and see the obvious differences from other shooters.
    Duration: 4:06 min., added: 19/06/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 399

    Interview about the game. Part # 1 (E3 10)

    Producers of the People Can Fly will tell us what spodvigli them to create Bulletstorm and why this game is very similar to another "evolution" Quake ...
    duration: 03:27 min., added: 19/06/2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 629

    First glance, (interview)

    Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games will tell all that is available the press, on Bulletstorm. We, for example, we learn that the "storm" is planned as a new genre ...
    Duration: 5:50 min., added: 20.05.2010

    5.0 rating
  • Views: 863

    The debut gameplay trailer

    Quake-like toy, which takes place in a, quote, "a forgotten paradise." Moreover, developers are not shy to say that the bane of the earth ...
    duration: 01:05 min., added: 19.05.2010

    5.0 rating

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