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The original name of the game: King's Bounty: boardgame
Released Games November 20, 2009
Released the game in Russia April 10, 2009
Genre (s) games addition , role-playing
Game Developer Katauri Interactive
Published Games 1C Publishing EU
Published in Russia 1C
Dating Game official
Dating Game Russian-language
Questions about the game and its discussion Forum
Minimum Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.6 GHz, 1 GB of memory, video card with 128 MB memory, 5 GB of space on the HDD
Recommended system requirements Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3 GHz, 2 GB of memory, video card with 512 MB memory, 5 GB of space on the HDD
Average rating games visitors 4.8 out of 5
Number of Voters 2254 attendees.
How many people watching this game 14 people.
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Published: 09.12.08, by: Strogin
Usually the tales prince rescues a young beauty. In the continuation of his beloved by many computer game " King's Bounty: The Legend of the Knight "is the opposite. In the first quarter of 2009, the Princess has gone to the world Amelie Teany to track down his mentor, Bill Gilbert, and the road will save the world from the armies of terrible monsters, race of bloodthirsty dinosaurs and five new "bosses".
King's Bounty: boardgame

So, men, hard-boiled or soft-boiled?

The authors argue that their add-on that can be called a sequel - the game seriously changed, a host of innovations and improvements. Create a world that consists of fourteen of the continents and islands, between which movement is practically unlimited. The main hero, you guessed it, was a princess. Character females in the project got no chance. The first part of a title that was published in 1990 was fond of a lot of girls - the developers want to and they were nice.

One of the main shortcomings of the original limitation of the maximum available level of your ward. After 2 / 3 games, most gamers reaches its highest value - 30 Level - and any sense of the battle with the monsters lost. Now the system will "flow", which allows to dial 50 + level'ov. Instead, the spirits of war (Box rage), actively used in the " Legend ", the princess will be hand-dragon, answering to the nickname nemudrenuyu Draco.

Meeting with prospective pet happens on the farm, where he had just been born. The player will offer a choice of seven individuals, but to customize the look chosen according to individual preferences, he, unfortunately, can not. Dealing with as with the spirits of the previous project - it is impossible, but his help in the battle is simply priceless. Draco gets nine skills, each of which can be improved, presumably, in 8-12 times.
King's Bounty: boardgame

Do not drink a little water, orange toad will become.

Traditional add-on - a dozen of new levels and monsters: so goes the vast majority of the creators of games. But to the great delight of lovers " Legends "figures from Katauri Interactive wish to include in your project a lot, to make gameplay and role-playing part of a much more diverse. For example, they promise a "headhunting" - something like a contract killing. And after completing the quest will not have to return to the guarantor, the reward will follow immediately.

In the original Bill Gilbert could marry, but in the case of divorce the wife and children are taken half of gold. Now the main character - a young bogatyrka, which can choose squire. They represented a wide range: from elegant eared elf to brutal orc. The process of separation depends on the nature of the favorite. If a servant of the noble, in the event of resignation, he would not claim to be part of its state, and vice versa.

The system of skills has also undergone significant transformations. More than a third species of magic - new. One of them can be used while traveling, but not during the battle. Added to the system of awards. Most likely, it will be medals, which will enhance performance character game.
King's Bounty: boardgame

There are far off, beyond the Seas, a small country ...

World Expansion inhabits many different creatures. With some of them you can make friends. However, the bulk are negatively inclined monsters. Strongest of them styled bosses. In " Legend of the Knight "like creatures were three, now their number has been brought up to five (but announced until four). Particularly like to mention a giant orange frog, which calls for reinforcements small yellow frog. In a serious loss of health big wah devour them, thereby restoring its reserves.

In addition, there are places where no equestrian or pedestrian does not get through. After about half way, Amelie turns his horse Pegasus. Incidentally, in flight, you can avoid collisions with the ground monsters (dogfights not provided).

Developers declared mode stereografiki for inclusion is simply activate the appropriate option in the settings. In computer games such technology is used first. Eyewitnesses say that it looks very impressive, but quickly tired eyes. We hope that the glasses with blue and red filters and recommendations for their application will be included in a set of gift edition.
King's Bounty: boardgame

Stop! I'll shoot!


However, successful innovations best of " The Legend of Knight "will pass in addition. Therefore we can safely predict that "boardgame" will succeed.
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