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Released Games November 16, 2010
Released the game in Russia November 18, 2010
Genre (s) of the game action
Platforms X360, NDS, WII, PC, PS3
Game Developer EA Bright Light
Game publisher Electronic Arts
Published in Russia Electronic Arts
Dating Game official
Dating Game Russian-language
Minimum Requirements Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 2.4 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, GeForce 6800/Radeon X1600, 5 GB of space on HDD
Average rating games by visitors 3.6 out of 5
Number of Voters 372 attendees.
How many people watching this game 12 people.
November 30, 2010 Alexandra Coast
With each passing year Adventures of a boy with the scar is becoming murkier and murkier. It is understandable - the children, that is, the main characters grow, so that they become more serious fun. Let's see if the next game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 fan interest, and ordinary users for real.
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November 30, 2010 / Combiner

I wonder, is it left Coast

November 30, 2010 / AlexMurcer

Uiii. Thank you smile.gif
Combiner, a

November 30, 2010 / AlexMurcer

Combiner, and the like are from December sad.gif

November 30, 2010 / bioanimator

of Alexander I heard your voice again)))) hope to hear more and

November 30, 2010 / Brioriy

oh well! but now and then I do not understand!

November 30, 2010 / BioWareGemes

Alexander cheers

November 30, 2010 / andriy14

but with etim review I agree completely) any pritenzy Well, thank you and especially to your nerve cells smile.gif and still please tell me what song plays at the end? THANKS in advance))))

November 30, 2010 / klikalka

Alexander can still "hear" on PlayGround'e (if not go from there), so that all the rules.

November 30, 2010 / sword72

You can find out the name of the songs playing in the background in this survey?

November 30, 2010 / Nikish97

at the end when she spoke the last words of sales of tear rolled down (((

November 30, 2010 / Norrine

Another day ... No, do not go Sasha!

November 30, 2010 / klikalka

... Well, she said after that "see" more ...
PS Maybe it maternity leave, what trailer?
PPS Or decided to travel around the world) there is Tibet, Japan, Thailand ...)

November 30, 2010 / Artem14z

SG taxis but have recently started to understate estimates, compared with other sites where scores above and not only this review

November 30, 2010 / AlexRestart

Artem14z, but you do not think that it's not underestimate the SG and other sites?

November 30, 2010 / JazZko

Decent score this game ...
The author does not tell me what melody is playing in the background?

November 30, 2010 / amikrill

I also hope that we will hear you Alexander.
Thank you for your review)

November 30, 2010 / WegaFraggy

Overview super! With the assessment in full agreement

November 30, 2010 / STRELOK96

Alexander, you are forever in our hearts! ..

November 30, 2010 / KuP9I

Music in the survey liked, but this time in the end did not write, write here please.

November 30, 2010 / guk8a

Sasha did not go away! You are super

November 30, 2010 / Actyon

game still quite boring IMHO

November 30, 2010 / valeran09

Thanks to Alexander for a great video review!

November 30, 2010 / Freeman213

Alexander, and tell me honestly, this is your last work on

November 30, 2010 / valeran09

By the way the song sounds a review of the fourth part (the Goblet of Fire), when the ball was still there.

November 30, 2010 / Odas

But said that Costa had left? Wtf?! Mistiiikaaaa?

November 30, 2010 / valeran09

klikalka - clearly noticed!

November 30, 2010 / Freeman213

EMoe, told the same as "go away" by Alexander:
"Akkurat with the first of December"

November 30, 2010 / vkontaktesider

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!! 11!! 1!! 1! 111!
pancake, only measured the the idea that Sasha is going!
AAAAAA1!! 11 !!!!! 1!

November 30, 2010 / Gleb Meshcheryakov / Author


November 30, 2010 / ChaZZyMZK

Freeman213, people did not believe it until it does not go away, like not cool and it has all come to love here, that the PG that the SG. Here you can even hear the distinctive ... goodbye, and on the forehead did not say what goes and summed up his work.
"The girls browsers" can be counted on the fingers, but good ... well, now they're gone.

November 30, 2010 / Dynam1te

obzorchik norms, as usual))

November 30, 2010 / Alex343

"Gary Potter," the most stupid choice, just do what to do on such a game?
Developed can be seen tried, but the impression that this is their first project in the trash this nonsense!

November 30, 2010 / 117

Broadcasts on TV, developed, the magazine could not be trusted! Trust them, do not respect yourself! Single stopgeym not clutter our ears raskazami that we need <<buy the game and see all of yourself and enjoy the splendor of this game is OUR>>
I knew from the start that the game will be a rare UG.Da and generally, I never liked this movie epic about the sticks and brooms vyruchalki-poletly.
PSNa hell you these magic tricks for idiots? Did I somehow never saw that the children running around with sticks yelling to each other every buydu.A here that would go chasing with sticks imitating CS repeatedly videl.Malo to another and themselves as walking.
Conclusion: The magic sucks Arms burning and tearing.

November 30, 2010 / jerkXD

If I understand correctly - then the game was something else ..

November 30, 2010 / Dynam1te

Sasha said pass from blunt saratnikami and at war with stupid enemies of something she had deja vu (it had a code of BW and I personally do not agree to it, though yes there stupid enemies but Bots they are bots)

November 30, 2010 / rlokc

SASHA NEEEEEEET! Do not go away ...

November 30, 2010 / LAEashas

As much as you want to cry ... sad.gif

November 30, 2010 / gamatio

Krut well in the sense of an overview of myself in a cal not play

November 30, 2010 / Joker1611

heh thanks for the review of the good that much play did not start well because hoteeeel)

November 30, 2010 / Andrei131296

Alexandra you are with me ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa )))))))))))))))))

November 30, 2010 / zekius

When will the review of the Two worlds 2?

November 30, 2010 / shardshooter

I ... um ... missed something? Why go? Why? Where? Stands away for a couple of weeks, so things are changing beyond recognition ...

November 30, 2010 / vsevo1246

conclusion: do not play in Harry Potter, you can watch a movie about Harry Potter, read a book about Harry Potter. Wanted to buy but ... sorry. Fan Book sad.gif

November 30, 2010 / Korde

Oh, that same picture at the end smile.gif

November 30, 2010 / Artem14z

The movie is interesting, but here the system of shelters really uncomfortable

November 30, 2010 / kostian-65215

TrayARCh? Manufactured?

November 30, 2010 / Raymond

I do not agree Alexander, the darkest part of the - 3-nn, and the atmosphere there and paint very different than in others, in addition, it is the closest to the book, so I think the best director snyavshego it. Takchto, IMHO, nothing here is not increasing, the opposite is some kind of degradation and simplification of the plot and everything else, the last director general niochem, sorry ... But with the review completely agree, and even more of this garbage should immediately for disposal to carry, too smelly and even dangerous for the psyche.

November 30, 2010 / JazZko

Release date November 16, 2010
Released the game in Russia on Nov. 18, 2010
Genre (s) of the game action
Platform X360, NDS, WII, PC, PS3
Game Developer EA Bright Light
Game publisher Electronic Arts
Published by Electronic Arts in Russia

November 30, 2010 / ShuAnS

Harry Potter hiding in shelters with a stick ... still be shooting blindly done
And now, on the topic: Alexander, not uhoditeee (((

November 30, 2010 / Zack_96

Another game in the trash

November 30, 2010 / secret51

Tipo, a farewell review ...

November 30, 2010 / Garet666Shadow

Alexander does not go away Nooo (

November 30, 2010 / KpucPL

Alexandra watching your reviews for us, too, honor)

November 30, 2010 / Vergilious

The game is really "junk", well, can "trash-plus", but no more. And I've heard here, in the sense of reading that Alexander leaves. I hope this is not because of Black Ops? (Threw it upon her of course ...)

November 30, 2010 / phenom911

And I would like to ask a question, you scored on igrozor or what?

November 30, 2010 / FearDotcom

Srasibo Alexander. Your voice added at least some political paint in the game.

November 30, 2010 / 16696

Review of the molecules, but the game cal smile.gif PS Alexander does not go away!! 1111 !!!((((

November 30, 2010 / CuntCuntCunt

Alexander, you are superb, you have the best reviews

November 30, 2010 / Moby812

and the nerve cells recovered, the current is very slow. (proven)

November 30, 2010 / bampane

grustnaya9 ending (as if the whole team goes stopgeym = ((

November 30, 2010 / Bridges

I do not want to offend, but in comparison with other authors reviews Alexandra look very dry and unemotionally. Have more to review Kulakov, Grizzly and Meshcheryakova.

November 30, 2010 / MakSuMyS

Opensource projects, eh - they had a chainsaw prisobachit to volshednoy stick. Well, even brutal square chins to persons of the Heads of Heroes biggrin.gif
And so

November 30, 2010 / ADMINISTRATOR1

As a game based on the dismal shit-movie may not be dull by shit? This is the same nonsent!

November 30, 2010 / Oxlamon

Sasha, where are you? .. Have you ever visit occasionally look down ....

November 30, 2010 / yasenevo

good review thanks. by the way the game for the first book was not so bad, I like it at the time liked

November 30, 2010 / kondratevyur

Subject Comment video review has become a theme of farewell and horror. Alexander did not GO AWAY! WITHOUT YOU STOPGEYM becomes black and white! STAY!

November 30, 2010 / Montolio

Where is a list of songs from the review? At the end of not (

December 1, 2010 / Romjke

kondratevyur, he had no Maxim Kulakov becomes black and white, without Hleb, Jaroslav, they also stir up and live machinima do, but of course carry a Solodilov M. and A. Kost <but still, without a Max Kulakov would stopgeym died voobshe

December 1, 2010 / serpaul

for those who asked pesnyu.ona called The Weird Sisters - Do The Hippogriff

December 1, 2010 / AbsoLooser

Sorry for something like that of Alexander leaves. Stopgeym losing not only an excellent observer and interpreter, but also the principal ornaments of his team.

Let's hope that Alexander does not leave the SG, but merely takes the time to relax.

December 1, 2010 / madfat


December 1, 2010 / Huxter

Uraaa! The Alexander! smile.gif Do not go!
The game really is not very sad.gif Disappointed, 6th part as for me and something better. I am here this 7yu never passed, although a fan of Harry Potter smile.gif Nerves are all still decided to keep smile.gif

December 1, 2010 / ROLandOS

Plyatsko in your mouth! Where the list of music tracks from the review?

December 1, 2010 / FristayLE

nehochu passed through

December 1, 2010 / pr1est

Alexander, after your review I had the only one feeling sorry for someone who is held sad.gif It seems that the game should be entertaining and not to destroy, as you may have noticed the nerve cells ... that removal of the brain ...

December 1, 2010 / lllSERAFIMlll

"To fight side by side with blunt associates, against the same stupid enemies. Hmmm. What I've got deja vu ... "
Hint understood. Support you Alexander. =)

December 1, 2010 / orbb09

Something tells me that it was last reviewed by Alexandra ... sad.gif I hope I'm wrong ...

December 1, 2010 / zigzag96

Sonya played the first in the second part of Gary Potera.Mozhet You certainly are right that this is a game for children and pregnant women, but nevertheless it is quite funny and dobraya.Voobsche concept of Garik luchshe.Ne was worth burning to turn losses shooter.

December 1, 2010 / KopHuLLloH

Andrew koi in a century that a clever said ...)

December 1, 2010 / Noguro666

Alexander We love you LYubiiiimmm ><!!!
nepokidayte our warm society SG!

December 1, 2010 / Geshque

Yes, Che you all for this Alexandra? Because the girl, so just have to cry? Well, leave it - will not see another sadness. Everything is turned into what is a farewell to an idol, and some even wept.

December 1, 2010 / Sardeljetti

Tell someone finally, that the music played at the beginning and end of the review.

December 1, 2010 / DISCOKING

Hmm the game industry degenerates. Why do things darker? Of course the brutality is cool, but I have a feeling that soon the game for three-year children will be doing with a bunch of krovischi and severed heads. Already overdoing developed with severity. Thrash metal as a genre has almost disappeared. In a word uzhOs! An overview of the agreement.
PS I will say without a pink snot and shouting: "Alexander neeeeeeeeeet.
If you decide to go is your choice and I respect him. Thanks for all your reviews, stories and translations of the series. Stopgeymu will miss you.
Good-bye (or not if the story with your care-duck and funny).

December 1, 2010 / scorpionwim

The Shawshank Redemption zabatsali fucking)))

December 1, 2010 / Markello

The game does not succeed, the corridor - ala tyr - Corridor - ala shooting in the hallway, and so the whole game ... uzhoss!
The best, perhaps, 5-part series. IMHO smile.gif

December 1, 2010 / gadsila

and what kind of footage from the 2 parts of zero to Volodya, and still there

December 1, 2010 / BlackCrock

I Choate behind the times. With a frightened Alexandra leaves the site?

December 1, 2010 / RedPlague

Overview should be done in a humorous stile.Pomnyu you slag projects pin up, so it was fun) And in this video review of the nurse raspustili.Ploho poluchilos.Nado was more humor) Anyway Field class trash had long ago established)

December 1, 2010 / AntonJ

"... To fight side by side with blunt associates against the same opponents stupid" - Alexandra, we'll miss you =))

December 1, 2010 / PETPO

Alexandre Desplat - Final Hour

December 1, 2010 / Max88

I liked the game.
But if its more developed, then perhaps we would have better.
And so the game on a fan.

December 1, 2010 / mexac1

PETPO, man, thank you, you're cool))

December 1, 2010 / mexac1

PETPO, man, thank you, you're cool))

December 1, 2010 / JinKazama

"... To fight side by side with blunt associates against the same opponents stupid"
Hmmmmm ...... somewhere I've heard that .... Oh, yes, a Black & Support Opsa!
Not very much when it comes to AI in games. Lyudiii !!!!..... I told you if they want developed, what would a computer intellect you create one, then so be it! No, I'm not about scripts ..... Think about how long it will take to vycheslenie cube root 32564 !????..... Oooochen a lot, but the computer may solve this problem for a few milliseconds! Computer opponents can write you hetshoty with distances in half kilometers in shooters, they may be ideal to turn in their racing and you never dogonete!
All create one for the masses, that we could all spokolno the games.
Computer intellect can not be "stupid", it can only be "limited in vycheslitelnyh abilities."
Granted, I left a lot of "gaps" in my post that could easily tsytirovat and refute. Just a little time and mess in my head.
01011101110001 ..... command line => go to defrag .........

December 2, 2010 / kardan2

JinKazama, do you think the level of AI is determined by the ability to write a bot headshots?
Yes, he (Bot) can be Krivorukov and cross-eyed, and at point-blank not to fall, but if, hitting him in the heel, he zaoret, run for cover, will call for help or run away, limping and in a panic from the battlefield ... If he will deceive you prokradetsya and discreetly to you from behind, if cure time of his friend and other ... then the prices will not be such a bot, so it will be crafted AI, and headshots are not half a kilometer.

December 2, 2010 / kardan2

Think how long it will take to vycheslenie cube root 32564 !????.. Oooochen a lot, but the computer may solve this problem for a few milliseconds!

A computer determines how much of ramdomnym photos dog breed?

December 2, 2010 / Sardeljetti

Surely no one knows what sort of a musical composition played in the beginning?

December 2, 2010 / Paradragon

A computer determines how much of ramdomnym photos dog breed?

Depends on the quality of photos and the availability of a computer needed for the operation of the program.

December 2, 2010 / MakSuMyS

If he will deceive you and prokradetsya discreetly to you from behind, if cure time of his friend and other ... then the prices will not be such a bot, so it will be crafted AI, and headshots are not half a kilometer.

Go Halo Reach remembered biggrin.gif

December 2, 2010 / kardan2

Paradragon, where such a program?

December 3, 2010 / boo666

join the crowd in any way a century ...

all the best for you

really disappointed care sad.gif

December 3, 2010 / hellsoul

EEhh until Teska ((The book is about three Stepanavan one hundred pedtesyat thousand three hundred and forty two times better), or three) can not not two.

December 4, 2010 / Rowen

RETRO, thank you very much!

December 4, 2010 / bboymartsenyk

only for fans

December 4, 2010 / MiNzDrAw

The only thing like it in this review, the voice of Alexandra and Music

December 5, 2010 / Kazad

Game callas

December 5, 2010 / Artem14z

Can we change the subject

December 5, 2010 / metalikboi

And I liked Il) Wash in full of wonderful shooter, but the truth is a bit boring. This game is easy for an amateur. Who said that with each new game about HP, worse than the previous? To my other way around. I will start with 4 pieces: The game is wonderful, but in contrast to 5 parts, on non-mended the opportunity to explore Hogwarts. Part 5 is much better than all previous ones. 6 better predyduscheh parts (in my opinion) that the game is fully voiced in Russian, so that improved gameplay (brew potions, and so on ...) And finally the seventh. It's better graphics, and if you pay attention, you can see a facial expression corresponding to the emotions of the character and how all people has its own style of facial expressions. I would put the "commendable" game "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1".


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