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Released Games June 12, 2009
Genre (s) games arcade , for kids
Platform NDS, WII, PC
Game Developers Virtual Identity , Slitherine Software
Published Games Koch Media
Dating Game official
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Average rating games visitors 2.1 out of 5
Number of Voters 26 people.
How many people watching this game 0 pers.
Published: 27.06.09, by: Marci
At all times, grandparents, and mothers with their fathers complained that the children have gone lazy, lazy and disrespectful. Lessons to learn not want to wisdom of the ancients is not attached. Moreover, if the earlier a child after school, ran into the yard, but now the monitor does not come off.

As it turned out, all you can find their strengths. If a child likes to play computer games, then you need to combine learning with fun. Let the kids enjoy themselves, and in the process - get to know the history of arithmetic and geography. The idea, of course, not new, but productive - in theory.

Not so easy in practice. When igrodelov can create something like Crazy Machines , "educational" project really captivates not only the students who study physics, but also the entire family. In the case of the Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans for a similar effect can not count.
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans

Wise teacher is not enough brains. We have to borrow someone else's.

Casual way to freedom

Of course, this - casual game with all the attendant. Officially designated as the genre of "arcade", but in reality it is rather a collection of puzzles. Maybe we should show leniency to this creation studio Slitherine Software.

Moreover, developers are not to blame. Originally porridge stirred writer Terry Deri, whose "terrible history" must lead to detishkinskih hearts of interest in historical events. First igroizatsiya opus Deri devoted ancient Rome. What young minds need to know first? Of course, the gladiator fights!

Moreover, gamers will feel like a gladiator on the spot. After all, our protagonist - a boy named Rassimus - slave. The Roman commander Lucius "took it with him" from the battlefield as a kind of talisman. To regain the freedom a young man can only one way: by becoming the best in the arena. To do this, train hard, fight in the Colosseum and win. Here you have all plot delights. Apart from the Indo-Brazilian inserts on "Rassimus, I'm your sister!" Arising in the course.

However, poor script - does not matter. Even worse is the case with humor. Not that he was not at all. But it would be better the dialogues have been made in a serious vein, because the pathetic attempts to joke that we see here, do not cause anything but irritation.
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans

And for the most stupid among us here arrows are drawn. That's!

Thirst for knowledge, a lightweight version

Okay, Tiberius with him with humor. Gameplay and the atmosphere - that's what determines the fate of ancient Rome in the minds of brats.

Unfortunately, the catch here especially not for that. The hero must explore alternate eight gladiatorial style combat. Three mini-games trenirovkt plus "real" battle in the arena. Only one puzzle of the four changes from the "round" to "round". There are, for example, tasks on a paired connection icons, the collection "volatiles" or synchronized press these buttons on your keyboard. In addition, we constantly have to paint pictures and answer questions on Roman history - rather stupid.

It is clear that in an encyclopedia for children toys do not climb. Therefore, deposits of granite science lying right there on the road. More precisely, are on a special pedestal in the form of colorful books. Formally, to take the test, you obbegat specific area and collect all the information on the perimeter. In fact, the volume does not necessarily read: of times times the questions are repeated in random order. Nothing is easy to remember the correct options, thereby safeguarding your brain from a very dull and simplified presentation of Roman events.

Sometimes a character is sent to the city. It originally sent. Imagine that the military commander, he also - lanista - gives his servant svezhepriobretennomu bag of money and free expression outside the gladiatorial schools to youth bought a golden helmet. Realistically, is not it? Check Rassimusa on honesty, we do not have time - he was immediately hit on the head and take away all the wealth. Then begins a long walk on various instances - from the blacksmith to the guard from the guard - a fisherman and more. All these worthy citizens are asking us to find 15 differences in the two pictures. No wonder that by the third approach puzzle begins to tire.
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans

There, around the corner - the mummy of the great Rome.

Rome? What smoke?

Little books on pedestals - great, but wondered whether the authors of the atmosphere of the "eternal city", which is perhaps worthwhile to re-create for greater historical accuracy? It seems not. Slaves walk where they want and how they want. None of their clothes, or the behavior they do not differ from free citizens. Gladiators do not train, and aimlessly wandering around the school grounds - at best, at worst - stand still and prevent pass. Judging by the number of guards in Rome or nothing to protect, or from anyone. Able to move around a few figures, the rest look like painted statues.


No matter how boring and bad textbooks for the study of history, they still preferred Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans. Not to mention how bad this game as entertainment.

Pluses: good intentions ...
Cons: over there and led.
Rating game:
1.0 / 5
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