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Released Games November 22, 2010
Genre (s) of the game cards
Platforms Mac, PC
Game Developer Telltale Games
Game publisher Telltale Games
Dating Game official
Average rating games by visitors 4.3 out of 5
Number of Voters 46 people.
How many people watching this game 2 pers.
December 2, 2010 Cyril Oreshkin
Poker game against the AI? What nonsense ... or may still be options?
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December 2, 2010 / Dimazxwx

Thanks for the review! But the game is not for me (I do not like poker), and the charm of humor will not be able to evaluate ((will not play ever.

December 2, 2010 / finoz26

Great review, great game, thanks Cyril!

December 2, 2010 / jSlepoi

Sorry about it end, and a super idea for this game, you have a pair)
Overview is excellent, really enjoyed it.

December 2, 2010 / xxxFANTOMxxx

At honestly say not a game and DLS for TF2 hardly anyone bought poker for fun and not for things for TF2

December 2, 2010 / Verkhoturov

good review! I love poker!

December 2, 2010 / DES13

Mr. Cyril could not pass. Fun game, good review

December 2, 2010 / Zack_96

Good review! In the end I whinnying! )))

December 2, 2010 / NintendoDS

The plot of this game:
Telltale Games (played Sam & Max and The Devil's Playhouse, if that) + Valve (if they Portal 2 does not, I would be praised for what they published this game) + Team Fortress 2 = Poker Night at the Inventory.

Thanks for the "Big Story", be sure to look for.

December 2, 2010 / madfat

Thanks for the review, Cyril, I spent some time pondering over the purchase of poker, but to decide it was necessary to hear the views from the side, perhaps 150 rubles for this game is not much.

December 2, 2010 / Kostfaper

And in the face banhammerom not get scared?

Cyril, you forgot the main thing in this game. You will cap at Tim Fortress for the win in this poker biggrin.gif

December 2, 2010 / evgen95

Excellent addition to TF2

December 2, 2010 / BioWareGemes

Klovy review

December 2, 2010 / KocRkoB

xxxFANTOMxxx, I bought a poker play well and I advise you!

December 2, 2010 / KopHuLLloH

So what? She single? Damn. I always thought that in principle, it is designed for game four. But even so, $ 5 - not money. not money. It's great that the quality factor portion of the dialogues and interesting toppings costs only $ 5 smile.gif

December 2, 2010 / complexB

Yes I have done before ordering. I thought just for the sake of things in tf2, but after playing a couple of evening and realized the truth is worth it. Sometimes all the same I go for a couple of parties.

December 2, 2010 / Vegas1

It would be even Phil Hellmuth ...

December 2, 2010 / VIZUR

I have thought and do not do a review))

December 2, 2010 / Dracurina

Here is a pancake, but I was hoping that this is a beautiful toy of serious poker. And that bothered the Internet for money chopped ...
But since it's just razvlekalochka, then you can hang a couple of evenings.

Thanks for the review!)

December 2, 2010 / wise1994

Excellent review! Thank you! I love poker, maybe I Play))

December 2, 2010 / ShteFAN2010

Poker is not very much, and the review is good ... It seems that it did, who knows what poker and what it eats) +++++

December 2, 2010 / Mishka24

Thanks to Cyril that neoboshel game party poker no fan, but the game was fun, but the game is worth the money just (as you said) if it is to perceive)

December 2, 2010 / andriy14

game and really liked the review) does not tell me what the game is still on the topic of poker?)))

December 3, 2010 / GiGaBayt

pfff, you noob? a supplement? a complete game, and if it is hevik, it does not mean that it is DLS to TF2.
Kostfaper, nifiga caps will not give. well, except that only one poker hat and all (points do not count). will provide a variety of an item and weapons, including heavy machine gun for.
Poker is a once probyval play - not delayed. English know mediocre. Conclusion: The game will not fly.
Kirill, thanks for the review.

December 3, 2010 / SPALKER

Thanks Cyril! And bobsche stopgeym !=))) Very awaited video review for this game) Well, the fact that they pushed back the Heavy, with Sasha and his X) Rzhachno, without it there would be so much fun =)))

December 3, 2010 / GiGaBayt

They pushed back the Heavy, with Sasha and his X)

SPALKER, no it's not Sasha, even at Natasha does not look like ... how could you get confused ... this is the Iron Curtain (a new gun for heavy).

December 3, 2010 / xxxFANTOMxxx

I long ago pre-order and all the armor was so neighing places but it's not worth $ 5

December 3, 2010 / Darinna

Is the game into Russian will be translated?

December 4, 2010 / GiGaBayt

xxxFANTOMxxx, do not forget that you do not like paying for armor, but for the game itself. And even if you are paying purely for the armor, after agreeing to a $ 5 - the normal price for the whole armor.

Vlas3d, and you, fluderast, bathhouse crying ...

December 4, 2010 / Seraphim

What: xxxFANTOMxxx,
At honestly say not a game and DLS for TF2 hardly anyone bought poker for fun and not for things for TF2

I bought it, and do not regret it. Especially because I play in quests, and the rest of the characters mark is not worse than Heavy. The game is excellent. Never before in poker is not played, but now delayed.

December 4, 2010 / GiGaBayt

with the other characters know no worse than a Heavy.

umm ... heavy is not a name smile.gif this class of machine gunner (born heavy (heavy Russo)) in the game Team Fortress 2.

December 4, 2010 / Seraphim

What: GiGaBayt,
umm ... heavy is not the name of a class Heavy (born heavy (heavy Rus)) in the game Team Fortress 2.

Nerd. And what was his name then? Vasya? Pete? Valentin Ivanovich? In TF2 on any roll to it are not treated differently as a Heavy. And everyone calls it PN Heavy or Mr. Weapons. And if before the end of the clever, the name of the class - heavy gunner.

December 5, 2010 / vlad14zy

played a game like no Th! Really funny clips 1 + game

December 6, 2010 / GiGaBayt

Seraphim, calm down. I do not get smart. but if you basic things are recondite, congratulations - you shkololo.

December 6, 2010 / Ronaldo

Often play in real poker. Against AI somehow I suspect this is not like that.


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