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The original name of the game: Special Forces: Nemesis Strike
Released Games March 25, 2005
Released the game in Russia September 16, 2005
Genre (s) games action
Game Developer Asobo Studio
Published Games Hip Interactive
Published in Russia Russobit-M
Dating Game official
Questions about the game and its discussion Forum
Average rating games visitors 4.1 out of 5
Number of Voters 357 attendees.
How many people watching this game 1 pers.
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Published: 16.08.05, by: Sanya Rubtsov
Goats. shoot to kill
It has long been known that there is always a game that occupies most of the free disk space becomes a hit. It is worth remembering Juiced's failed and excellent arcade Gish, who weighs only 115 megabytes! In our example, the "Special Forces: Nemesis Strike" has a 50% hit. Whether small budget prevented the game to reach out "to heaven", or the stars in the heavens so affected, we do not know. But to understand the project, even if unsuccessful, it is worth.

In the game you play two roles: Raptor (Raptor) and owl (Owl), two specialized training of soldiers. The first of them - Predator - fanatical type! He is more manly than the Owl, and armed podobayusche each superhero. For example, as you tetravalent rocket launcher? A? Or an electrical shield-back? That's nonsense! At first glance, a predator that resembles a cross between Rambo and a rabbit from advertising Battery Energizer.
Guest, Owl, promotes a hidden system of battle. Edakii Sam Fisher! He has a lot of points "in all visions, as well as a cap of invisibility, just like in Predator (no, this is not about the first soldier, but about Aliens vs Predator). In general, you never get bored!
It is worth noting that the game does not use any real weapons, so we have to fight with rifles from no-name manufacturer. Of all the requests guns found only one that really was able to meet our needs - sniper. When crowds of fleeing enemies at you, the best way - shoot them precisely because of these weapons. One shot - one kill. Better than nothing found.

In any case, you will not run on a monotonous corridors bases, and on disparate levels. Here we are on the ship, right here near the sea port, and here we run through the streets of the city. And there are several options for passing the mission, day and night, vehicles and other delights of life. For all these reasons, we conclude that bored during the passage "SF: NS" do not have to. But not everything is as rosy as it seemed at first glance. No gaps and has not done this game.

The main thing worth mentioning - Artificial Intelligence. For 10-point scale, he receives only 7, but firm. The enemies here are not ordinary dolls, prushchego for you in crowds and want only one thing - sooner would have killed them. No, it's a little different. AI from SF: NS AI reminds me of Half-Life 2. Bots skillfully retreating, hiding behind various objects, throwing grenades from behind cover. "Well, just a miracle!" - I thought, and then the view changed. Still, whatever Whichever way you look, and intelligence is still artificial.
Differences between the bots no! Yes, one and all dressed in brown jacket, red coat and black jacket. All the more delights not wait. And they are disappearing from the battlefield as a fast, hold less than a minute! No pleasure!

The worst thing - to meet a good refuge snipers and raketometchikov, wandered quietly through the city. Assume that you cover. It would not even board the Predator, the enemies do anything! Sniper see you even for a hundred yards, and the guys with "big guns", not even getting, you still take away your precious interest of health. How does it work? Yes, easily! Too big blast, so keep always on the alert, do not relax!
It should immediately refer to the system of "load / store", because we have often perish in the unequal battle. As with all console games, special buttons "save" is not available. There is only a set of checkpoint, placed here and there. They passed through them, the game is automatically saved, and, in the case of tragedy, the player continues to tour with the last point. In some ways this system useful, for example, passed such a point, and you feel like a hero, but sometimes it's annoying. Especially when such points are placed too far from each other, and between them is not a complicated plot. And then it starts passing for 128 once, and even more.

Above the card designers have worked poorly. After all, they come across such confusing that even the developers themselves, playing in their offspring, can not find a way out of the numerous dead ends. Well, if so: lost, left, went on again, got lost, went out ... But in the passage of the mission given by strictly defined amount of time! Then it becomes not the empty trailer.

You must be excited when we read in early reviews of the availability of vehicles. Well done, and now I want to disappoint you: this physics, I have not seen! Here's how you think that will make a motor boat, if you press the "S" (back). Yes, for sure it will float just backwards. Ha, you're mistaken! She describes a "circle" on the spot! Physics of the car is far from even arcade racing, so bring all sorts of examples do not want, and then developers blush.

Final comments.
Nothing special in this project could not be found. All kind of bored and already we had seen. If you do not what to play, then split piggy bank - and shop. The present patient gamers should wait before September. Perhaps, then, and there will be more impressive projects.

- A game consists of two components - kids and Sam Fisher.
- Normal effects, but textures and models introduced.
- Some interesting ideas were fully engaged in a stupid AI, homely men and unwieldy maps.
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