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Released Games March 22, 2011
Genre (s) games action
Platform X360, PC, PS3
Game Developer Crytek
Published Games Electronic Arts
Dating Game official
Average rating games visitors 0 (0) of 5
Number of Voters 0 pers.
How many people watching this game 133 attendees.
We have to sit quietly abandoned building and fire back "walking meat. Yeah, the enemies are not strong in self-defense - the exact shot sniper lozhit them to "cheer.
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Average rating: 4.6, total votes: 139

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  • Views: 5638

    In the city (GC 10)

    We have to sit quietly abandoned building and fire back "walking meat. Yeah, the enemies are not strong in self-defense - the exact shot sniper lozhit them ...
    Duration: 2:19 min., added: 08/22/2010

    4.6 Evaluation
  • Views: 1830

    A walk on the roof (GC 10)

    We show the multiplayer shooter on the map "Rooftops", where our hero with all available ways of eliminating enemies: choking, from the "sniper" knocks ...
    duration: 03:53 min., added: 20/08/2010

    4.6 Evaluation
  • Views: 658

    Debut multiplayer gameplay (GC 10)

    Exhibition GC really spawned a lot of high-quality video, with which we now dare to enjoy. One of the remarkable examples - demo multiplayer ...
    duration: 04:35 min., added: 08/19/2010

    4.2 Evaluation
  • Views: 365

    Comments on the Central Station (GC 10)

    Crytek President and Executive Producer talk about the level of Central Station and the exclusive of its importance. Gameplay with commentary and extensive produ ...
    duration: 04:37 min., added: 08/18/2010

    4.8 Evaluation
  • Views: 1762

    Gameplay from the demo

    The guys from Crytek teasing us for a long time teaser, and it's time to look at Crysis 2. Four and a half minutes of exclusive gameplay (in-gam. ..
    Duration: 4:43 min., added: 17.08.2010

    4.7 Evaluation
  • Views: 2921

    Travel ... office!

    The full and very interesting video, which show activity developers, their jokes in the process of creating Crysis, actual gameplay and multi ...
    Duration: 8:01 min., added: 06.07.2010

    4.8 Evaluation
  • Views: 6628

    Home station

    Proceedings in the case of "Crysis 2" addition of a colorful video. Made it in the style of "Highly Secret", will see the gameplay and some statistical da ...
    Duration: 2:39 min., added: 27/06/2010

    4.8 Evaluation
  • Views: 3344

    A dagger and a cloak (E3 10)

    Nanosuit still draws our prot?g? of difficult situations. And in helping others have fun over the helpless martinet who have not given ...
    duration: 01:54 min., added: 06/12/2010

    4.8 Evaluation
  • Views: 1105

    Teaser from E3 1910

    Regarding the movie does not get much to say: In 50 seconds, climbed only tricky "mug" The Pinger and logo EA. Let's hope that will give sekretniki h. ..
    Duration: 00:53 min., added: 11/06/2010

    4.2 Evaluation
  • Views: 3822

    Engine (GDC 10)

    A two-minute demonstration of the famous exhibition, which displays all the charm for fresh CryEngine 3. Yeah, the game world has become more realistic ...
    duration: 02:01 min., added: 12/04/2010

    4.7 Evaluation
  • Views: 2729

    First Look (Interview)

    From the second part of the "crisis" really expect a lot - and not so important super-duper graphics that already screwed, are not so important, even a reasonable p. ..
    Duration: 8:19 min., added: 12/04/2010

    4.7 Evaluation
  • Views: 3230


    Touching movie, which shows not only the main character, but also ordinary soldiers, who called for "urgent response". Music and video are us ...
    Duration: 2:12 min., added: 12/04/2010

    4.8 Evaluation
  • Views: 3812

    Cryengine 3 (technical trailer)

    Display technology of the new engine, which is involved in Crysis 2. Yeah, realistic day / night and ultradetalizirovannye texture plunge us into rados ...
    Duration: 2:08 min., added: 03/13/2010

    4.7 Evaluation
  • Views: 6678

    Frame a new suit (GC 09)

    For fans of the drawings and detail - grid method of interpreting the new nanosuit. Beautiful and sometimes just ... fascinating.
    duration: 01:07 min., added: 24.08.2009

    4.5 Evaluation
  • Views: 6757

    Nanosuit second generation (GC 09)

    Crynet Systems represents our attention a new outfit for our hero. "We have changed the course of military events, but now are glad to introduce you to nan ...
    Duration: 1:17 min., added: 24.08.2009

    4.7 Evaluation
  • Views: 9113

    Debut Trailer from E3 2009

    Crysis returns teaser zavlekalochka.
    Duration: 1:11 min., added: 02.06.2009

    3.3 Evaluation
August 22, 2010 / Reallist

Very, very zhdems ... ... who are just a reminder that for people that have to fight?? Chtol Koreans in New York landed =)

August 22, 2010 / Denizen

With beer patyanet.

August 22, 2010 / DeltaForce

This Reallist CryTek Ops. Operatives Corporation Edge Tech chasing bananokostyumom HS.

August 22, 2010 / SanCHezZz91

fed us rollers and then Ned God will take enough of these type gameplaynyh commercials for this year

August 23, 2010 / Apfel

Beautiful, but not arcade, until COD is still very far ((

August 24, 2010 / Lamerdinio

Not very impressed, but the idea with the city of metal like more than a bush!

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